How to develop your startup Idea and how to make business plan?

Your IDEA doesn’t suck!

Do you have an idea which you think could be the next big thing?

Let me tell you a secret: Every idea has the potential to become big.
How? Every idea has an audience and the founder’s work is to find that audience.

“More than 60% of founders never find their audience. “

Ideas are always the best (if nourished). Founders are the bridge between those ideas and their audience. If you can construct that bridge or even figure out how to construct that bridge, your business will surely work.

What to never believe?

Never ever and ever believe that your idea sucks. Every idea sucks at the early stage. The first idea is never the product. The product is version 2.0 of the initial idea.

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Do not overcomplicate your Business Plan!

Step1: Describe the idea in not more than 8 words.
Step2: A description, more details.
Step3: Explain the target audience, (which city they belong to, age group, employment status, how much money they make, and why do they want your solution)
Step4: Why do you exist? Why should customers buy from you? Why do you think you are better than your competitor? What is new you are bringing to the World?
Step5: Start building the product/service and launch in not more than 30 days.
Step6: Take feedback and Relaunch!

Repeat until you succeed.

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