About Vishal Dhiman

My Story

I just felt that my story has not started yet. When you get to know the basic of your life only then you can say your story has begun. It is true that you can write your own story with your pen and finally my pen is in my hands.

I always believed in myself which is good. I did try things on my own that I could change my destiny but it is not about changing your destiny, it is all about creating your destiny.

I see people around broken have no sense of path of life, I wish they they knew that you are always one minute away creating your life.

This creation is beautiful and you are the fraction of God. There is a God in you, you are the one , find your self.  Do not let your life  ruined  by anyone or yourself too. It is your choice to change and that change is waiting for you very next moment, and that moment has arrived.

My life goal is to be able to feed 10 million people in my lifetime. I wish to be able to serve people in anyway possible.

Finally, I want to experience nature, no materialism.

The secret is, ” I have no will of living and I am not afraid of death“. 


What Can I Do for You?

I can give you hope , I can give you joy, I can show the path of positivity.

Writing new chapter of life

i hope to give you some ideas, some teaching some advice which is based on my experience with nature, knowledge, and out look.

Need Advice?

May be I can be some kind of help there..