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Vishal Dhiman is a social entrepreneur developing startups around the fundamental needs of people.  Vishal’s approach is grounded in logic, reasoning, and a deep understanding of the human psyche.  Through one-on-one coaching sessions, transformative meditation practices, and thought-provoking insights, Vishal guides his clients on a journey of self-discovery, self-mastery, and personal growth.

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International Clients Reach

International Clients Reach

1:1 Session

Powerful session on Life and Everyting

Starting from ₹999/-

This session will be an introduction, practical and exercise-based session. The session may go long based on the requirement. 

Powerful 3 days Meditation Session 1:1

Touch Of Everything

Starting from ₹4,999/-

These sessions will explore all the vitalities of Life from everything varying from Life, Love, God, Meditations, Mind.

Highly extensive 1:1 Life transformation 7 to 21 days

Balance my Life completely

Starting from ₹49,999/-

Complete an extensive program to balance your life. Touching everything regarding your life, from financing, mind, life, setting the vision for Life.


Doing is the learning


Observation is the learning


Writing the learnings is authoring



Vishal Dhiman has received numerous accolades and recognition for his exceptional work in the field of life coaching, meditation, and spirituality. His unique and logical approach has earned him a reputation as a highly sought-after expert in the industry. Vishal’s insightful teachings have touched the lives of many individuals, empowering them to embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery and personal growth.

Numbers Speak

We don’t care about big fat numbers. We care how many lives we touched.

Years of Experience
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5 years into meditations, mind and spirituality.

Happy Clients
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Journey of lifetime peace and prosperity at one place.

Programs & Training's

Conducted over 12 workshops for different like-minded groups.

What people say about us:

Vishal's unique approach to life and spirituality has transformed my perspective. His guidance and meditation techniques have brought me inner peace and clarity. I highly recommend his services.
Vishal Dhiman's teachings have been a beacon of light in my life. His unique blend of spirituality and practicality has helped me find balance and inner harmony. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking personal growth.
Rachel Laurel
Vishal's teachings have given me a fresh perspective on life. His insightful guidance and meditation practices have helped me cultivate mindfulness and find greater joy in everyday experiences. I highly recommend his services.
Vishal Dhiman's meditation classes have been a revelation for me. His techniques and explanations have deepened my understanding of mindfulness and spirituality. I am grateful for his guidance on this beautiful journey.
Akhil Nene
I have had the privilege of attending Vishal's one-on-one meditation classes, and it has been a life-changing experience. His wisdom and insights have helped me navigate through life's challenges with grace and resilience.
Rohit Sharma
Vishal's meditation sessions have been a game-changer for me. His soothing voice and powerful techniques have helped me overcome stress and anxiety, allowing me to live a more peaceful and centered life.
Vishal Dhiman's wisdom and teachings have had a profound impact on my spiritual journey. His ability to convey complex concepts in a simple and relatable manner is truly remarkable. I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with him.
Vishal's meditation classes have been life-changing for me. His calming presence and effective techniques have helped me reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance my overall well-being.
Geet B
Vishal's teachings have had a profound impact on my spiritual journey. His depth of knowledge and practical techniques have helped me cultivate a sense of purpose and fulfillment. I am grateful for his guidance.
Sarah Patel
Vishal Dhiman's guidance and life coaching have been invaluable to my personal and professional growth. His deep understanding of human psychology and spirituality has helped me unlock my full potential. I am grateful for his support.
Lisa Brown
Vishal Dhiman's wisdom and teachings have had a profound impact on my spiritual journey. His ability to convey complex concepts in a simple and relatable manner is truly remarkable. I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with him.
Manish Mehta
Vishal's teachings have been a guiding light in my life. His unique perspective on spirituality has helped me deepen my spiritual practice and find meaning in everyday experiences. His wisdom and expertise have had a profound impact on my personal growth journey. I highly recommend Vishal to anyone seeking spiritual guidance and transformation.
Ethan Taylor

Everything is worth doing when you have time.

If you are alive, you have time.

Get over Motivational stuff

Motivation is a drug which you need every hour.

Come on! Why we are so much dwelled on the motivational thing. If we have to wake up in the morning, we need motivation, stuck in life go motivation. The motivational industry is one of the worst things that has happened to the World.


I have been the victim of this too. We all fall for those fancy words but that doesn’t make us move from one place to another.

To achieve the Impossible in Life, Do Impossible Today!

Vishal Dhiman

Are you Unique?

career, success, path-3386334.jpg

I know you were told that you are unique. But let me ask you this, do you “FEEL” that you are unique? Keep your answer safe.

If you answered “No! I am not unique” then you are right. If you answered “Yes! I am unique” then you are right again. 


We only believe things that actually happened to us. If I say, “Hey! you are wrong, you are unique” I am trying to tell you that what you think is total crap, all the impressions you have, and your life experiences were just wrong. But the truth is what you believe is not some vague idea, it originated and then sharpened over time. Discarding your beliefs just because I believe something else is the worst thing.


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Love the life, you live…. 


Begin from somewhere, We are here for you. 


Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it. 

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Vishal Dhiman offers one-on-one meditation classes, life consulting sessions, and provides guidance on various aspects of life and spirituality.

To book a meditation class with Vishal Dhiman, simply visit the “Book Now” section on his website. You can select a suitable date and time and complete the booking process.

In Vishal Dhiman’s meditation classes, you can expect to learn various meditation techniques, relaxation practices, and mindfulness exercises. Vishal provides guidance and support to help you develop a consistent meditation practice.

A typical meditation class with Vishal Dhiman lasts for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. However, the duration may vary depending on the specific program or session you choose.

Yes, Vishal Dhiman offers online consulting sessions for individuals who are unable to attend in-person sessions. These virtual sessions provide the same level of guidance and support as in-person consultations.

Absolutely! Vishal Dhiman specializes in providing guidance and support for various life challenges, personal growth, and spiritual development. Whether it’s improving relationships, finding purpose, or managing stress, Vishal can assist you in navigating these areas.

Yes, Vishal Dhiman is available for speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars. If you are interested in having him speak at your event or conduct a workshop, please reach out through the “Contact” section on the website.

Vishal Dhiman’s books are available for purchase on the website. Simply visit the “Books” section, select the desired book, and proceed with the purchase.

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