Let me put you on a journey where we both can live together.

Lets get together in this...Write a new chapter together, we are a team.

What I Do

I write short stories, try to make it different…

I Advise.

You can ask me for an advise, I’ll try to be open unbiased to understand the perspetion.

I Speak.

I can speak mostly on topics which I like the most and my favourite topic is: Everything

I Write.

Short meaningful stories, e-books, find sometime to read it- these are  short but learning is life experience

Need Advice?

May be I can be some kind of help there..

My E-Books

I wish I had it is my first short story. It is closest to my heart as I wished to write it a long long time ago but never found time. Here it is, go give a try…

My Story

When you get to know the basic of your life only then you can say your story has begun. It is true that you can write your own story with your pen and finally my pen is in my hands.

I wish to be able to serve people in anyway possible.

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