How to take risks in Life, Business and Career?

Imagine doing sky diving, scary right? Now imagine walking on the road, nothing scary about it! 

Let me ask you this, what is riskier sky diving or walking on the road?

Of course, it is Sky Diving but wait, your chances of dying in sky diving are 0.00045% while on-road, the chances of death are 0.054%. So, roughly walking/driving on the road has 120 times more risk of death than sky diving.

From my research, I found that the chances of your death from falling, road accident, dog bite, virus, wasp sting, or choking are more than from the things you consider to be riskier, such as Sky diving.

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So, What is the biggest risk?

Everything is a risk, EVERYTHING!

Don’t believe in people when they say that only a handful of things are riskier. These kinds of people have safety nets around, made up of air which will eventually blow and the next thing you know that depression has hit you or you are old, or you passed on people who loved you, just because you thought it was just a huge risk! 

The kind of safety net or shield you are trying to build is just like dreams of the night. When you wake up and see nothing was really a reality!

Many people spend their whole life, not trying to do things they like because of the belief that it’s just a huge risk. 

Living is a risk in itself, anything can happen to you at any moment of time.

Entrepreneurship is a risk, leaving a job is a risk, trusting someone is a risk, love is a risk, walking on the road is a risk, and friendship is a risk.  But these risks should not stop you from being a human. As a human, you should do things you like, just because walking is a risk, will you not walk from now on? This is absurd! 

Be a human, do love, trust, dream big, go sky diving, go talk to that person, go leave that job you don’t like, go ask her/him for that date, marry the person you like, travel around the world, learn that piano or maybe dance, make those six-pack abs, go to the beach, meet that person you really wanted to meet, travel with that friend, go watch Niagra falls, or maybe do surfing, watch the world from Burj Khalifa, or just go around your block, or maybe just one step but take it.

Take that step even if you are a girl/boy/man/woman/black/white/brown/old, JUST DO IT!

Nothing is riskier than doing nothing!

Be the human, the world wants to follow! Be the person the world wants to love and trust. 

The future is a risk! The future is uncertain so let it be!

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