7 Ways to Live Longer Happily

7 ways to live longer happily.

We all are not immortals and whatever time we have we can atleast live happily.

1. Eat Healthy Food

Don’t ask me what is healthy food. You
already know that junk food, excess oil,
and sugar is not good.

2. Exercise

WHO recommends 150 minutes of
exercise a week. Do anything; walk, run,
yoga, Gym, etc.

3. Meditation

Without it, everything is just incomplete.
It is like Aaloo Tikki without Tikki.

4. Not taking things personally

Everyone has opinions. Some are good, others
bad. So what?
Define yourself and stick to it.

5. Not hating unnecessarily

You surely hate someone! Maybe some people,
actors, politicians, someone you never met.
You are harming yourself only.

6. Giving/helping nature

Philanthropy is not for helping others, it’s
about helping yourself in feeling how
“GIVING” feels like.
It’s just Amazing!

7. Deep Conversations

It does all the work, happy mood, cheerfulness, everything, do it.
Not having anyone? Let’s talk!

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